Pennethorne's At Somerset House

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The Vibe

Second dates are curious beasts. You clearly like each other enough to warrant a repeat viewing, yet it’s still early days so planning a top notch meal or expensive drinks may seem OTT. You need non- committal yet thoughtful, relaxed yet structured and boozy yet with a chance to chat. Well, hello Pennethorne’s.

The Order

Perfectly suited to dates, the drinks are divine and the food is exceptional (Charcuterie, cheese platter, sophisticated bar snacks done REALLY well). Start with cocktails – spicing things up with a Chilli Martini if you’re feeling crazy, then settle in for a bottle of Rose or Red dependent on the weather outside.

The Game

Take pleasure in texting them to request that they meet you ‘in the West Wing of Somerset House’. Call ahead and request a corner booth- sit next to one another; place a hand on their back if you’re feeling punchy. Drink away the early evening and watch the room as well dressed couples and glamorous artsy friends catch up. Leave via the courtyard and marvel at the buildings that surround you then head down to the river for guaranteed romance.

The Faults

It closes at 10pm so get there early enough to fit in a few hours, and have a game plan for after so you don’t lose momentum.

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