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London's Coffee Hot Spot

As coffee culture continues to boom throughout London, Pennethorne’s Café Bar has launched ‘Aroma Lab Workshops’ to teach the coffee-loving Londoner how to make the perfect coffee. Pennethorne’s is open for breakfast, lunch, and evening drinks and offers a fantastic selection of fresh, artisan coffee as well as coffee cocktails. The incredible Espresso Corretto is a delicious evening ‘pick me up’ for the true coffee-lover!

The Pennethorne’s ‘Aroma Lab Workshops’ start on 5th May. Coffee Master, James-Lee Campbell will take visitors through the art of coffee making. Barista James will teach participants about the different flavours and aromas given from different coffee regions, and the best sipping method to achieve the fullest flavour. As well as this, guests will be offered an extensive coffee selection to taste, test and offer their opinion on which they think is the best Pennethorne’s coffee. 

This will also involve sampling each coffee with a complementing food item, such as a chocolate or fruit. The correct food pairing is essential for achieving the perfect flavour; Coffee Master James explains that this is true of any blend.

We believe that Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar has some of the best baristas in London. Among them is Coffee Master James-Lee Campbell who prides himself on serving the best coffee around and offers some fantastic tips for serving the perfect coffee in the comfort of your own home, for the days when you can’t make it to Pennethorne’s Café Bar to see him personally.

James says: “Store your ground coffee beans in an air tight container at room temperature, not in the fridge or freezer as popularly believed. Also - and this is a real insider tip – I keep a spoon in my coffee container – my secret tip for keeping coffee fresher for longer!

“There is nothing better than having your favourite coffee, made by your favourite Barista in your favourite coffee shop and it has been the mission of most for years to capture that same experience at home. However I should tell you that it’s rarely possible unless you have a fancy espresso machine with a steamer. But let me at least help alleviate the disparity you're feeling with a lovely little tip that you can do at home.”


James’ tips for the perfect at-home coffee:

“You'll need a pan and full fat milk, unfortunately this doesn't work with any other type of milk, the fat content in the other milks is too low to withstand the constant heating. Heat the milk to boiling point, continually stirring to make sure it doesn't burn. Burnt milk is the leading cause to make coffee beverages taste bitter.

“Once you've got it to boiling point and it’s gently simmering away it's time for the fun part. Decanter the milk into a measuring jug and take your electric or hand whisk and start. Be vigorous! You need to get as much air into it as possible. I find that electric, two-pronged whisks are the best for frothing your milk. Imagine you're making a meringue. You want to keep going until it's lightly frothed for a latte or heavily frothed for a cappuccino. Now it's time to pour. Pouring from a height will help you get a lovely milky latte and pouring close to your cup will give you the cappuccino you need. Alas, I hate to tell you - for that flat white you love so much, you'll have to see your favourite barista.”

To further demonstrate their commitment to great coffee, Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar also feature a specially selected ‘Coffee of the Month’. Selected from the Three Sixty coffee collection for its full-bodied flavour, notes of blueberries and apples, April’s coffee of the Month is Tanzania Kilimanjaro. The perfect choice of beans to get Londoner’s excited about great coffee once more.


The first ‘Aroma Lab Workshop’ starts on Tuesday 5th May from 5-6pm.


Places on Pennethorne’s Aroma Lab Workshops are limited. To book a place simply contact Michela Mastella at Pennethorne’s Café Bar on Michela.Mastella@pennethornes.co.uk, or 020375 10570.