Pennethorne's At Somerset House

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Pennethorne's Cafe Bar | Barefoot Idealist

You know those evenings when you don’t really know what you want to do or what you want to eat? You don’t want to spend huge amounts of money but you don’t want to go straight home. Maybe you fancy a few nibbles of a few different things, somewhere relaxed yet still fun. Go to Pennethorne’s.

Set in the West Wing of Somerset House, you can soak up the courtyard and watch people splash in the fountains if it’s warm. Before moving into the beautiful room and getting comfortable with a glass of wine. 

The olives here are humungous – extra juicy and with a slight kick to them. The bread is utterly delicious and they serve the most amazing aubergine dip, along with warm smoked mackerel. The charcuterie and cheese plates are ideal to accompany hours of chatting, gazing, people watching and contemplating.

You’ll emerge afterwards into a dusky light, and at the moment they’ve got a brilliant display of lit cubes that look wonderfully photogenic in the early evening.

Emily Eaves